3D RAD v6.40 (39 Mb) -This software is completely free for commercial and non-commercial use. To install, click the Download button and then select Run when prompted. You may also have to authorize the installation, depending on your Windows security settings.

   3D RAD Exporter plug-in is a free plug-in for Google SketchUp allowing you to save your 3d models as Microsoft DirectX/XNA (.x) files.



the 3D Rad Exporter plug-in to the

C:Program FilesGoogleGoogle SketchUp 6Plugins

folder on your PC.

Note that the path to the Google SketchUp plug-in folder may be different if you have installed the program to a location other than the default, or if you use a non-English version of Windows.

Also note that the plug-in will be available under Plugins and not under Files -> Export, in the Google SketchUp pull-down menu.