Lesson 3

When started, this object fades the scene out in a specific time and using a definable color. When done, it terminates the project, also optionally launching another project (stand-alone execution only).

Fade time, in seconds. Fading duration. If zero, the project terminates immediately with no fading.

Fade color. Click the color button to open the color picker.

Fade all 2d gfx. If checked, all non-3d elements on the screen (sprites, texts) will fade out along with the 3d scene.

Name of project to load on exit. If the project is running as a stand-alone executable, the system will try to launch the specified project after the fading is complete.

The name is the name of the .3dr project file to launch. For example, if you want to launch a project file named My_3DRad_Project.3dr you must type My_3DRad_Project in the input box.

If the name is invalid or null, the program will terminate and exit to Windows.